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Web Solutions

We provide Cutting-edge Solutions in E-Commerce, Sports, Media, Entertainment, Education, Campaign, Retail, Legal and more. Get a better understanding of how your website is built. 

  •    Responsive WordPress Websites
  •    Point Of Sale – Ecommerce
  •    Search Engine Optimization

Managed Hosting

We offer managed Dedicated Cpanel Hosting to our clients. No worries about updates, security holes, or getting hacked. We undrstand that dependability is important to you and we pride ourselve on our dependability.

  •    Cpanel Hosting
  •    Security
  •    Peace of Mind


Businesses need logical workflow and management of information systems. We gather Business Intelligence and design information systems to complex problems and design solutions to help you succeed. 

  •   Business Development
  •   Information Systems
  •   Agile Solutions

Do you have a Vision for a Startup?

Open source software is transforming the technology landscape. We no longer have to depend on expensive proprietary software in order to build complex web and mobile applications. Clients can take full control of their content and focus on creative products. Our job is to utilize dynamic software packages and devise intuitive, cost-effective and reliable solutions without depending on outdated and complex technology platforms. The outcome is powerful web/mobile applications that can withstand millions of page views.

Start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses, publishers and institutions can scale their websites or apps using similar technologies that run Facebook, Twitter, New York Times and other tech giants. Let us know your vision, we can deliver a Minimum Viable Product to make it a reality in as little as 90 days.

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