Website Design

We build clean responsive websites for any industry. We promise to help you build an established online presence.

Managed Hosting

We offer managed hosting for our clients. No worries about updates, security holes, or getting hacked.

Consulting & Biz Dev

Businesses need logical workflow and management of information systems. We gather Business Intelligence and design information systems to complex problems.

Customer Support

We provide the best customer support. Have a problem and we are there to solve your issues. ALWAYS available for our clients.


Bringing concepts to life is challenging. We use lightweight front-end technologies to visualize the look and feel of your business. On the web front, we use modern frameworks such as WordPress CMS. All of our websites are designed using the latest trends and techniques. Responsiveness is important to us and your website will be mobile friendly and look great on any device. A website is an impression of you and your business. We want you to make a great first impression on your customers.


Our development strategy is based on what you need your website to do. We can integrate most services needed (eCommerce, email lists, and much more). Once we have a design prototype ready for the application, we start rapid development and programming to finish the project on time. Our development team works closely with clients and engages them throughout the development lifecycle in order to achieve success in each sprint or milestone. This process helps us to achieve our development goals within 7-30 days.


Our solutions provide the ideal platform to deploy and manage secured applications that run across multiple devices. It satisfies all of the requirements for end users to create powerful web or mobile application environment. Once applications are integrated and tested, we deploy the code in a modern server architecture. Using Cloud technology, we are able to implement data logic and business processes on servers that can scale to the maximum load without compromising browsing speed.

Flexible Development

At Synergistic Techs, we bring a flexible development strategy to client applications with frameworks built on robust architecture. Our solutions have a separation of data management, logic, and interface elements in order to adopt agile development process. Initially, we run a preliminary analysis for interface design according to the client requirements. Then the design goes through extreme programming for rapid development. Once ready to deploy, applications are being integrated and tested before the final delivery.

Dynamic open-source software and cutting-edge technologies are in each layer of design, development and deployment processes. Our choice of agile development methodologies and the use of dynamic software help clients taking control of their content and focus on building and growing their products.